This form is for AFFILIATE (referral) partners only. Resellers will submit an ORDER (closed deal) on the “Place Order” page inside the portal.

Please complete the form below to submit a referral to Touchplan. Make sure to include all your information (including your main account email) so you get credit for the lead.

Referral Form

Used to referral prospects

  • Your Company Information

  • Please add your referral partner email (it is the MAIN email for your portal site (it may be the same or different than your personal email below).
  • Include http:// in front of URL
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Customer Details

    Contact information for the prospect you would like to refer
  • Name of the Company to be invoiced.
  • Provide billing address (as much info as you know). OPTIONAL field--but REALLY helpful.
  • Main contact at referred company
  • What can you tell me about the prospect you are referring to Touchplan?

    Location of Project, Size of Project, # of Projects, Size of Company
  • If more than one, list at least one or say, "General Referral".
  • Approximately how soon are they looking to make a decision?
  • Are they using planning software today? Do they use sticky notes? Are they using excel? What are they using currently and what other options are they considering?
  • Any unusual circumstances or dynamics (the GC makes the decisions, but Super recommends, etc.).
  • By submitting a referral, and unless you have entered into a separate written agreement governing referrals with Touchplan, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms of the Touchplan standard referral agreement.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.